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Welcome to OneBodyMinds: A Sanctuary for Holistic Healing

At OneBodyMinds, we believe in the profound connection between the mind and the body, and our practice is dedicated to nurturing this link through specialized psychotherapy and therapeutic techniques. Founded by Tamar Kipnis, a seasoned psychoanalyst and dance movement therapist, our practice offers a compassionate and tailored approach to mental health and well-being.

Tamar Kipnis brings over two decades of experience in psychoanalysis, Somatic Psychology, and a range of somatic practices. Each therapy session at OneBodyMinds is designed to address the individual needs of our clients, guiding them through personal challenges and helping them to achieve a harmonious balance in life.

Our Therapeutic Approaches Include:

  • Dynamic Psychotherapy: Adapting to the unique psychological needs of each client, this approach facilitates personal growth and resilience.

  • Psychoanalysis: Focusing on uncovering deep-seated emotional patterns that influence behaviors and relationships.

  • Somatic Psychology: Utilizing body movement to enhance emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration.

  • Internal Family Systems: Providing tools to address internal conflicts and promote self-healing.

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing): Particularly effective for treating trauma and PTSD by processing distressing memories.

OneBodyMinds is not just a therapy practice; it's a community where all aspects of identity and experience are embraced and respected. We are committed to supporting the LGBTQI+ community, offering queer-affirming therapy in a safe and supportive environment.

Our practice also specializes in addressing issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship challenges. We believe that true healing occurs when the psychological and the somatic are integrated, and our therapies reflect this philosophy.

Embark on Your Healing Journey If you're ready to explore how OneBodyMinds can assist you in your journey toward healing and self-discovery, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with Tamar Kipnis. Experience the transformative power of holistic therapy and begin your path to a balanced and fulfilling life.

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